Recording your Podcast


Prior to planning your first interview, it's crucial that we discuss the best methods for capturing your show. Many clients come to us with poorly recorded audio, hoping that editing will resolve the issues. While we can assist with this, the key to excellent audio quality lies in optimizing the recording process.

If you've encountered issues such as static noise in your recordings, voices sounding tinny, or difficulties with remote internet-based recording, or if you simply need advice on selecting the right microphones, we can assist you with every aspect. Our goal is to ensure you capture the best possible recording of your dialogue, enhancing the overall quality during the mixing and mastering process.

In our consultation, we provide recommendations on the ideal microphones for your budget and address any queries you may have about the recording process. If you're in the UK, we can even assist in setting up your recording space and, if needed, handle the recording process for you.

Many of our clients record their podcasts remotely. We provide comprehensive training on using software that enables studio-quality audio over the internet, and as part of our service, we also provide the necessary software.

Our objective is to lead you through the process, ensuring you feel confident in creating podcasts independently with our continuous support. Once you've acquired these skills from us, you'll be equipped to apply them to all your future projects requiring professional-level audio.

We recognize that each individual possesses a unique skill set, and our level of involvement will be tailored to the client's experience, something we can discuss during the initial consultation.

Given that podcasting is solely audio-based, having a clear and rich recording is paramount for a podcast to stand out. Feel free to get in touch for a discussion before your next recording, as we have a wealth of advice to offer.

We would love to hear about your project.