Podcast Start-up Package

We will work together to build your Podcast from scratch.

Having a strong first episode is crucial because it can attract new listeners, even years later. At Trelawny Production, we make sure your podcast starts off professionally, giving you the confidence to focus on what really matters - the conversation!

Once we're done, you'll have recorded your first episode and be equipped with the skills and tools to continue producing a series at a professional level.

Podcast Startup package
Sound Design
Show concept and strategy

This is the part where we discuss your podcast ambitions. We want to know who you'd like to interview, the topics you want to explore, and your overall podcast goals. With this information, we'll craft a series of episodes that align with your vision and resonate with your target audience. To expedite your podcast growth, we suggest releasing weekly episodes. It might sound like a lot, but don't fret - we'll help you organize everything, so you can focus on delivering an amazing show!


After understanding your podcast's theme and goals, we'll guide you on creating an effective introduction for each episode. We believe that outros are equally important, but we prefer to discuss those after recording your initial episode.

Recording lessons

Confused about achieving radio-quality sound? No worries! We'll suggest the best microphones within your budget, guide you on setting up your recording space, and provide training on using our recommended recording software.

Bespoke Music

Theme music sets the tone for your podcast, giving listeners a glimpse of what to expect before the introduction. We view it as a form of sonic branding. If you share a playlist of your favorite songs, we can craft a sound inspired by them. For narrative composition, the approach is different, but we're always excited to work on these types of podcasts. Feel free to reach out for more information about our composition service.

Bespoke Music
Sound Design
Sound Design

Once we've crafted your theme music, we'll extract elements from it to create sound effects for seamless transitions within each episode. These effects can serve as smooth segues from the introduction to the main interview or to keep your audience engaged. For narrative podcasts, we utilize sound design to enhance the storytelling, captivating your listeners' imagination even further.

Trailer Episode

To conclude the startup process, we'll merge all the elements to create a captivating trailer episode. This will serve as an advertisement and introduction to your podcast, featuring original music, highlights from recorded episodes, and the essence of the show's topic. Alternatively, we can craft a trailer from scratch, featuring the host describing the show. We're excited to explore various creative options and welcome your ideas. Throughout this process, we offer unlimited support via email and/or WhatsApp.

What happens next?

After completing the startup plan, you'll have all the necessary tools to begin recording interviews. By this point, you'll feel confident in the recording process for your series. Moving forward, we'll be there to assist with conversation editing, mixing, mastering, distribution, and any additional support you may require. We understand that everyone requires different levels of training, so we'll customize this package to fit your specific needs.

We would love to hear about your project.