Conversation Editing


Editing grants us complete control over the content that gets published in the final episode. We can remove entire segments, trim filler words like 'Um's and Ah's,' as well as any interruptions that might occur during the recording.

We often liken podcasting to recorded radio. It's an effective means of delivering information because conversations can be edited to create concise and informative episodes, free from hesitations and mistakes.

Editing opens up endless possibilities. We can rearrange the interview's structure, eliminate unwanted hesitations and mistakes, and even insert links into the conversation. Links offer the opportunity for the host to further clarify the message or share relevant information with the listener, whether for an advertisement or related topic.

What is a Narrative Podcast?

Narrative podcasts are driven by storytelling rather than interviews. They heavily rely on skilled editing to weave together the narrative, incorporating interviews, recordings, sounds, and music. Many of these podcasts feature a host who narrates the story.


In narrative podcasts, editing provides flexibility in presenting the dialogue. We can remove the questions from the interviewer, leaving only the guest's responses, thus creating the impression that they are telling a story, even if they were initially guided by the interviewer's questions.

When storytelling, adding voice effects can create an immersive environment for the listener. For example, describing a story set in a church could involve using a reverb effect that replicates the acoustics of a church. Learn more about our Sound Design service to explore these possibilities. You can hear an example of our work in narrative podcasts by listening to Kalerrâ.

Having an editor enables you to relax and focus on delivering an enjoyable and stress-free episode. Any mistakes or unplanned discussions can be easily edited out.

Podcasting offers a flexible and enjoyable means of communication, allowing us to get creative with our storytelling.

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