Music Composition


The podcast's theme music is usually the first thing that welcomes listeners to a new show. We specialise in creating customised music compositions tailored to meet your project's specific requirements.

A podcast's sonic identity serves as its branding. The jingle instantly informs the listener about the podcast's theme and entices them, making the listening experience more captivating.

Having your own personalized theme music allows you to be involved in its composition. While some new podcasters opt for free websites to obtain their jingle for cost-effectiveness, it often means that many others might be using the same music. Just as brands don't share logos, we believe the same principle should apply to theme music. Stand out from the crowd by having something tailored exclusively for you.

We aim to create music that aligns with the narrative of your podcast and reflects your personality. If you have reference materials or specific descriptive words that can guide the mood of the music, we're here to assist. Let's collaborate on building a sonic brand that truly represents your unique voice.

We are passionate about storytelling through music. Our aim is to craft an original music score inspired by the theme of your show, enhancing the immersive experience for your listeners.

Sound Design

Sound design is the creative process of layering sounds to engage your audience in the narrative of your podcast. By utilizing various sound manipulation techniques, creative editing, and our extensive sample library, we craft unique and captivating atmospheres that bring your show to life.

Sound Design

We design sounds tailored to meet the unique requirements of your show. If your theme revolves around space, we can draw inspiration from your favourite sci-fi movies. If it's a story about deep-sea scuba diving, we can incorporate filtered sounds that encapsulate the essence of that environment.

In interview-based podcasts with lengthy two-way dialogues, personalised jingles and sound design can serve to break up the conversation, ensuring continuous listener engagement. Sound design can effectively signal a change in topic while gently prompting the listener to stay involved.

We offer an extensive sample library of sounds to enhance storytelling. These sounds help create a detailed soundscape, bringing the story's environment to life. We can incorporate recordings you've captured yourself, as well as our own recordings. With each project being unique, we ensure that we have the necessary sounds to immerse your audience in a truly original experience.

Through creative editing, we can create the perception of multiple characters with the same actor's voice. Sound effects enable us to alter the tone of dialogue, making a man sound like a woman or creating an eerie atmosphere. This opens up numerous possibilities in narrative podcasts. We always encourage your involvement in this fun and creative aspect of podcasting.

Our producer's music has been featured across various multimedia platforms, including the BBC Radio, Heliox Advertising campaign, Amazing Radio, Kitsune Musique, London Fashion Week, and more. Additionally, their work has garnered over two-hundred thousand streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

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