Talk of the Thames Podcast

Talk of the Thames Podcast


Thames Estuary Partnership hire us to make the most of their recordings. We take their audio balance it out and insert their sound effects for each episode. Due to not having control over the recording, the majority of our role is in audio restoration and mixing.

Talk of the Thames is a podcast series dedicated to London’s iconic river – think all things Thames! 

Hosted by our Communication Officer, Chloe Russell, this monthly podcast is aimed at a general audience and features relaxed, insightful interviews with people working around the Thames Estuary. 

The podcasts tackle a range of topics, including Thames history, riverside development, environmental issues and wildlife. There’s something for everyone, so if you’re interested in the Thames and enjoy learning by listening, these podcasts are for you!

Our series works as part of our Tidal Thames virtual tour project — an online map with a series of ‘stops’ (text and images) that mimic a boat trip down the Thames. So you can learn more about places and issues to do with the estuary even as you listen by clicking through the tour to see photos, watch videos and read additional information. We bring all the sights and sounds of the Thames to you!