Narrative Podcast

Kalerrâ is a scored podcast based on the experiences of five Artists and Scientists from the Expedition to Weisboydlund, upper eastern Greenland. 

Kalerrâ Podcast is a narrative podcast we took on in Its early stages. The creator came to us with recorded interviews, soundscapes and many stories of the expedition she was making the podcast about. We worked closely with Chloe to organise the interviews into a narrative, write music and also restore the audio quality of the dialogue.

We went down the route of removing the interviewers questions, leaving the inter-vie’s answers. This gave the feel that a story was being told to you, rather than listening to an interview.

We took the five interviews, split the stories into themes and then combined all of the different speakers into their relevant themes. For example Chloe asked everyone how it felt to be in such a remote place. We were able to combine all of those answers into one chapter, then our composer could design music to further immerse and reinforce the message. Working this way created an immersive experience as the answers were very descriptive and evocative.

The end result is a 30 minute experience that sends the listener to an expedition to Greenland. They can hear the soundscapes and stories learned from the trip, interlaced with our bespoke music composition and sound design.

We are incredibly proud of this project. Check out their website here and you can find out more below.

Podcast bio

Kalerrâ is a scored podcast based on the experiences of five Artists and Scientists from the Expedition to Weisboydlund, upper eastern Greenland. 

Series description

Kalerrâ combines field recordings and interviews from 5 of the 9 Arctic explorers from the 2018 Expedition to Weisboydlund, eastern Greenland; led by artist and researcher Anne Lydiat Wainwright. The team behind the Expedition to Weisboydlund are a mixture of British artists and scientists who came together with the same goal of reaching Louise Boyd Land, founded by American Arctic explorer Louise Arner Boyd in 1931 as part of Anne’s research to follow in the wake of Arner Boyd. 

The science that takes place in the Expedition is manta trawling for oceanic plastic and re-photographing Louise Arner Boyd’s images of glaciers to evaluate how far they have receded in the past 80 years. The places the team explored in eastern Greenland, of ocean, icebergs and fjords, have been untouched by humans for decades; with an average of only two indigenous people per year repeating some parts of the team’s same journey. 

Using sound recordings from the Greenlandic expedition such as boat ambiences and icebergs melting; Composer Ben Imber creates immersive soundscapes that mimic life on the expedition, alongside a string of emotive musical elements to compliment the narratives of the artists and scientists.  

This series combines interviews of Anne Lydiat, Laura Melissa Williams, Amy Pryor and Wanda Bodnar conducted by Chloe Russell who is also narrating Kalerrâ.